Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Aug 4, 2019

We try to list nearby opportunities (workshops, retreats, etc.) for deepening the everyday experience of marriage in the bulletin whenever possible. If your marriage is troubled in any way at this time, please refer to information about a “Retrouvaille” weekend starting on 30 August. A number of parish couples have found this weekend helpful in the past, and I urge you to be pro-active in confronting difficulties in your relationship as soon as possible, rather than waiting until it is too late to bring about a new understanding and possible healing.

Our Knights of Columbus Council (and Katie’s Ladies Auxiliary) faithfully serve our parish community in many different ways, and we are so grateful to both groups. This weekend is the installation of new officers, and we congratulate Larry Boehl as he becomes the new Grand Knight. Please call the parish office if you would like more information about joining the Knights of Columbus.

Our parish (through our Social Justice Ministry) has assumed responsibility to provide volunteers for the homeless shelter here in Frederick for two weeks in September. Various faith communities take turns providing volunteers throughout the year. Please call Leslie Nuse (301-473-5331) if you are able to serve the wider community in this way.

Some have asked again what my summer reading list was like, so I thought I would mention a few highlights here. I began by reading a delightful piece of fiction by Swedish author Fredrik Backman entitled “A Man Called Ove.” The main character Ove reminded me of several people I have known in my life. This was followed by a book by Fr. Richard Rohr entitled “The Universal Christ.” Some have criticized this book as “heretical”, but I found it interesting to reflect on his thesis that all wisdom and knowledge in world religions and philosophies are rooted in the same universal source. I share more as space allows.

Fr. Keith

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