Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sep 22, 2019

Last weekend it was announced that “Faith Direct” will now be our electronic giving service. Hopefully you also received a letter explaining the change. If you would like to continue supporting our parish electronically, or if you would like to begin doing so, please go online as instructed in the letter to set up your new account. However, if you are computer-challenged, you may also simply complete the paper form you received with my letter and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form. Your support is what enables us to offer meaningful worship, run all our programs, and pay the monthly mortgage—so thanks for your faithful support!

Carolyn Abrecht stopped me after Mass last weekend to share that she has had her 47-year-old cousin’s name (Richie Cleavenger) on our prayer list in the bulletin during seven months of chemo and radiation treatments. She just heard that he is cancer free, and she wants to thank everyone who has prayed for her cousin during this time. Also, if you would like to make donations in memory of Beaudouin Tchakounte, please remember to drop the envelope you received by mail in any collection.

Our Faith Formation programs are starting up, so please get registered in time for things like TGIF (see bulletin insert) and our new Bible Study groups.

Some have told me they are disheartened reading some of the recent newspaper articles about former WV Bishop Michael Bransfield. I want to assure you that I and my priestly colleagues in the area are similarly disheartened. It certainly reinforces that all members of the Body of Christ are sinners, and all of us are in need of the redemption that Christ offers. It’s clear that ordination or rank in the church structure doesn’t take away that need. This is a time of major housecleaning for the Church in a number of ways, and so, while sometimes painful, I am grateful in the end for the positive things that are happening.

Fr. Keith

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