The Baptism of the Lord

Jan 12, 2020

If you are having a difficult time in your marriage in some way, it is always better to do something sooner than later. “Retrouvaille” is a weekend program designed to get your relationship back on track, and the next local weekend is coming up soon on 24-26 January. Do yourself a favor and check elsewhere in this bulletin for further information.

Each month we have a second collection which supports the Frederick County Parish Tuition Assistance Fund. Members of all parishes that contribute to this fund are eligible to apply for tuition assistance if their children attend an Archdiocesan-approved Catholic School. A distribution committee (with one representative from each participating parish) makes the awards based on financial need. An insert in the bulletin this weekend details the application process for those who would like to apply for the upcoming 2020-21 academic year.

Our New Year’s Eve Interfaith Concert and Service was very inspiring again this year, and with over 400 attending, was our largest crowd ever to ring in the new year. Special thanks to Daniel Owens, Laurel Swencki, and Sherry Snyder (and all who assisted them) for their roles in planning and organizing the concert, prayer service, and reception. Some photos are on the front cover of this bulletin.

At all Masses this weekend we are enrolling the children who are preparing to receive First Communion this spring. They are studying and praying at home with their parents, and attending several sessions (including a retreat day) here at the parish during their preparation time. For them, let’s make sure the example of our daily living reveals the influence of the Eucharist we receive here weekly in all we do.

You may sign up this weekend and next for our annual winter Trivia Night on Saturday 25 January. Teams of six (high school age and older) compete, so get your team together and beat the winter blues!

Fr. Keith

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