Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jan 26, 2020

This week we welcome Fr. Sumeth Perera to preside at all weekend Masses. Fr. Sumeth is a Jesuit priest from Sri Lanka who works in cancer research at the National Cancer Institute (Ft. Detrick) and is in residence at the rectory. Starting this week, Fr. John Dietzenbach (pastor of Church of the Resurrection in Ellicott City) and I are joining 65 parishioners from our two parishes on a land/cruise tour of Australia and New Zealand. A few days ago we were on a plane for 23 1/2 hours from BWI airport to Melbourne (that’s almost a whole day!) with only a 1 1/2 hour layover in San Francisco— I have a feeling I will return with some stories to tell…

Officers were elected at the January meeting of the 2020 Pastoral Council, and so we offer prayerful support and congratulations to: Dennis Ottey (President), Mike Nunez (Vice-President), Leo Zanchettin (Recording Secretary), and Genevieve Mbamalu (Corresponding Secretary). This important body meets monthly and advises me, as pastor, regarding major parish decisions and future planning. The entire 2020 Pastoral Council was commissioned for service to our parish at the 11:00 AM Mass last weekend.

This week we join the national observance of Catholic Schools Week. To begin the week, students from local Catholic Schools are serving in various ministries at the 11:00 AM Mass this weekend. We celebrate these educational institutions who strive to integrate a faith perspective into all aspects of student life, and we give thanks for the sacrifice many parents make to afford the tuition at these schools.

World Marriage Day is celebrated this year on 9 February, and we will produce a bulletin insert acknowledging those couples who are celebrating a special 5-year anniversary in 2020. Please complete the form included in the bulletin and return it to the Parish Office by Monday 3 February if you would like to be acknowledged in this celebration of marriage.

Fr. Keith

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