23 March 2020


Dear Friends in Christ,

As a community of faith, we have been developing a new way of praying together (albeit separately!) in lieu of assembling for the celebration of the Eucharist  in our church.  Our parish office will continue sending out resources each weekend to facilitate your family creating a period of sacred space each week to experience God’s presence.  We look forward to being able to celebrate the Eucharist together again after this period of fasting.  In reaction to the continued government regulations to slow the spread of the virus, someone joked with me last week: “I never knew I was going to have to give up THIS much for Lent this year!”

In case you have not begun the practice together at home, I wanted to encourage you by sharing some of the e-mails we have received from some of our fellow parishioners who have been using this approach:

  • Thank you again for providing all of this as a resource for us. We had ‘mass’ at home today with the kids and it was such a calming comfort.  Stay safe and please know we are praying for you!! 
  • We so appreciate your emails and sending the weekend readings and homilies. (My husband) and I are definitely taking quality time reflecting and in prayer! Your homilies add so much food for thought. We miss you and seeing our SKD family. Please know that you have our love, prayers and gratitude!
  • Once again, thank you so much for sending the readings, your homily and the intercessions.  Including the video of the church with the meditation music and the shofar was a great idea!  I loved your homily!  It was perfect for what we are going through right now. 
  • Good morning from our kitchen table!  Thanks for this e-mail.  We read the scriptures and your homily together.  They will be food for thought and discussion all day.  We needed the reminder that we are both blind, and will watch for our hasty judgments in the future.  We really enjoyed the video of the inside of the church…. And the music was lovely. 
  • This is so awesome – such a intimate connection to SKD and our Lenten journey at the parish.  Seeing the sanctuary lit so warmly with the chant music playing gave me goose bumps.   This communication is so much better than “watch us celebrate Mass in an empty church.”  This gives parishioners the tools to stay connected, to develop worship practices in their homes and to find their new normal.  
  • Thank you for making me smile!  And your sermon on Sunday was amazing. We held an in-home service and each shared readings and discussed those and your sermon.  Great memory. 
  • Thank you for reaching out to all of us. You are giving us a sense of community even when we can’t gather together.
  • Thank you for making it so easy to pray this Sunday morning, making the readings easily available to the parish, and sharing your homily.  I read the homily to our small two person congregation.  Fortunately it was good enough it did not depend on my skills of delivery!  Thanks as well for the your leadership and that of the SKD team in this quite challenging time.


Fr. Keith

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