31 March 2020

Hello SKD Family,

These past few weeks have been hard for all of us as we all try to figure out how to live in this new reality. If you are like me, an extrovert, this is especially hard because we do best when we are surrounded by people. I miss our community and miss seeing all of you. In reflecting upon this, I asked myself about what everyone was doing with their lives in this new world.

At a meeting last week with our peer ministers (a group of confirmed high school students who help me plan and execute youth ministry events), I asked them to go around their house and find something that’s bringing them comfort during this time. They came back with bread, pets, hand sanitizer, books and other items. I then asked them to show me a place they see God in their home. Most of them came back with a bible while others came back with a cross. The truth is that, although we can’t go to church, and we can’t receive the Eucharist, Christ tells us that we are to be Christ to others. I see Christ in my kids and my husband, but I also see him in all the wonderful things everyone is doing to help each other during this time.

Thus, an idea was born: Make a video to help lift the spirits of everyone through the love we see from Christ and from one another. From the comfort of their homes I asked the peer ministers to show you where they find Christ in this time. I then asked all of you about what you were up to. The response I got was amazing. You have been spending time together, sharing fun activities with your family, cooking, learning new skills, helping the church from your home, working to help provide necessary supplies, working on the front lines, sharing a smile in the hopes to make others smile, praying together, among many other activities.

Whether you are staying at home to help stop the spread of the virus, or you are a healthcare professional, a grocery store employee or pharmacist, or another essential employee/business owner, each of you is showing the sacrificial love the Jesus modeled for us. I would like to thank you all for sharing this with me. Even though we are physically distancing, we are holding together through this love. Please enjoy the following video to experience some of the love that others are sharing.

We would like to do a similar project each week. For next week, please share with us a picture of you or your family that make(s) you unique. Maybe a talent, or a tradition.  If possible, make the picture a landscape picture, and make sure it is of people, not items. The purpose of this project is so we can see each other. Feel free to email those directly to me.

God Bless,

Ana Maria Alvarado

Pastoral Associate

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