15 April 2020

Hello SKD Family

Happy Easter! What an amazing message Easter has especially in this time, when it feels a lot like darkness. I really enjoyed watching our Easter Mass at the same time as many of you, and based on many of your comments, I know many of you felt that connection as well. If you missed it, don’t worry, thanks to the internet, you can see it on our website and our YouTube channel. Did you know we have a YouTube channel? During this time of separation our parish staff is trying to come up with different ways of communicating with all of you. Obviously, you are getting this email, or maybe you are viewing this in Facebook, yes, we have our own page on Facebook. Additionally, for our youth ministry, did you know we have a youth Instagram page @stkdyouthministry. For youth ministry we also have several GroupMe groups. We are trying to stay connected in many ways. One of the many is through the weekly videos where you share your pictures with us.

This week you shared what your family did for Holy Week and Easter. It was amazing to see all the joy despite all the darkness around us. We even had a new addition to the SKD family! Please enjoy the following video of our SKD family Easter and get a few snippets of Fr Keith’s homily from this past Sunday.

We love getting these pictures. Please continue to send pictures of what your family is doing. Even if you’ve shared before, or if you have never share. It’s nice to see everyone’s faces. Please share pictures of faces. Feel free to share videos as well. I look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to this week.

God Bless

Ana Maria Alvarado


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