20 April 2020

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

This month, Saint Katharine Drexel Parish is celebrating our 6th year of partnership with Saint Hubert Parish in Ennery, Haiti, which began in 2014.  We are among 22 parishes in the Baltimore Archdiocese partnering with a parish in the Gonaïves Diocese of Haiti.  Our bulletin last weekend and the one coming up this weekend will be highlighting out sister parish partnership.  During the years of our partnership we have provided funds for training pastoral ministers for their community and providing ongoing stipends for their support.  You have also provided the funds necessary for Saint Hubert to replace the roof of their church and now to reinforce the walls to withstand earthquakes.

This weekend our second collection is for the ongoing support of our sister parish partnership.  There is still so much need in Haiti.  We are now ten years after the devastating earthquake there that claimed 300,000 lives and displaced 1.5 million people.  Their economy, not strong before the earthquake, continues to struggle leaving Haiti the poorest country in the western hemisphere with six million people living below the poverty line.  One of the biggest roadblocks to individual and community success there is education, and it is the next thing that Fr. Faubert (the pastor of Saint Hubert) would like to focus on with our help.  You donation to our second collection (mailed in, dropped by the parish between 10AM-3PM daily, or made online) will help to continue our support of their pastoral ministry team and hopefully aid in the education of children within their local community.  We encourage you to lift up our brothers and sisters there with your prayers and your support of this second collection.

We are also selling two Haitian paintings to support the partnership which you might also be interested in; details are available in last weekend’s bulletin.

Below are a number of links that provide more information about Haiti which will deepen your understanding of the country, its culture, and the challenges it faces:

Vatican News Report – Holy Week in Haiti


A brief history of Haiti


National Geographic Kids – great information for families wanting to share with their children about the country


This documentary on Haiti was shown at Kate’s cinema and runs 1:13


If you are interested in learning more about our Haiti Sister Parish Partnership, please email Judy Moriarty at kjmoriarty5@gmail.com.


Brian McCrohan

Pastoral Associate

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