22 April 2020

Hello SKD Family

First and foremost, thank you for all the kind words and calls you all have made to me and to our staff during this difficult time. This week I got to catch up with a few of you and it was nice to hear those voices. If anyone is feeling like they need to talk, please know that the pastoral staff is here to talk to you. Even if it’s just to talk about “Tiger King” (of which I have watched one and a half episodes) or about how your bread recipe turned out great. Or, we can talk about how you are having a hard time through all this. I am not a professional counselor, but I can listen. If you want a professional to talk, we do have parishioners who are professional counselors who have offered their services for free during this time. We recently updated our phone system and we are receiving messages so feel free to leave one with a good phone number to call back.

Next, I would like to provide an update on some of our youth and young adult programs. We have been meeting weekly with our peer ministers since week one. Starting week two, we started meeting weekly with high school youth group Wednesdays at 7:00 pm where we catch up and play games. I’ll admit the first meeting was rough as I am learning the best way to play social games over zoom, but I am getting the hang of it. Last Sunday we started meeting with a small group of young adults to do a short liturgical based bible study. For young adults who are on their own, (although anyone could join in, you don’t have to be a young adult), I am working on providing a way we can gather virtually to watch our liturgy together.  Next Tuesday I would like to start our middle school hang out time at 4:00 PM. We will check in and play some games. Our confirmation students are also keeping busy as many of them have been doing community service and continuing their studies. If any of these programs are of interest to you feel free to reach out to me. I could even use more volunteers (provided you are or are willing to be VIRTUS trained and certified).

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who continues to provide pictures for our weekly picture projects. I have received so many encouraging words about this project. The caveat to this is that I need pictures! It may seem that what you are doing each week is mundane but its new to the rest of us since we don’t get you see you. Show us pictures of how you are worshiping each Sunday or the way your kids are interrupting your zoom meetings. If you post something to Facebook or Instagram feel free to tag me (or SKD) and tell me its ok to use your picture for this project. Some of you have even been sending them through messenger personally to me. Feel free to send them through there to me or the SKD youth ministry page (either through messenger or just tagging the page). Another way is to tag @stkdyouthministry on Instagram. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s video.

I’ll Leave you with this. I was recently reading more about Saint Katharine Drexel.  While I knew that she had suffered a heart attack later in life and was essentially forced to retire and spend much of her time in a small room overlooking the sanctuary, I never realized that she had to endure this for 20 YEARS! After being an incredibly active person, her world was reduced to staying in one place. She took this time for quiet reflection and contemplation.  While I miss mass and attending it with all of you, I found inspiration for this time we are living in from the following quote that came out of her time spent in intense prayer and meditation.

“The patient and humble endurance of the cross—whatever nature it maybe—is the highest work we have to do.” – Saint Katharine Drexel

God Bless

Ana Maria Alvarado

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