25 April 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

 Once again, I am pleased to welcome you to our “one click” weekend virtual worship Clicking on this link will lead you to a prayer time with most of the elements that occur during Mass– except for sharing in the Eucharist (which we look forward to joyfully sharing again in church one day in person!).  If you have children in your house and would like to try a Children’s Liturgy of the Word, please use the resources here

Each week we will hear from our various musical groups, and various liturgical ministers will be coming to you from their homes.  Discussion questions are also available at this link for your own personal reflection, or to share with others at home.  During the weeks of the Easter season (until the Feast of Pentecost), please have a bowl of water at hand for the baptism remembrance as you begin the liturgy.

You may recall the recent letter (on the Easter bulletin cover) from Pere Faubert, the pastor of Saint Hubert (our sister parish in Haiti), who mentioned that his parishioners were praying for all of us as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.  I didn’t understand why this Coronavirus was seemingly sparing the people of Haiti, until reading a timely article in the New York Times.  The recent civil unrest in Haiti (including widespread protests against government corruption and increasing abductions of foreigners) resulted in a tremendous decrease in foreign travel to Haiti because of a lack of safety.  In fact, we were advised by Pere Faubert to suspend our planned January trip to our sister parish.

A decrease in foreigners entering the country resulted in fewer opportunities for the Coronavirus to enter the country.   And so, Haiti has had very few cases.   However, many Haitians who were working in neighboring Dominican Republic are now returning home because businesses in the Dominican Republic are shutting down, as in our own country.  No doubt, these returning Haitians will bring the virus with them, and…. well, we know the rest of the story.  Needless to say, the Haitian health care system is not prepared to handle such a crisis, and we will be praying for the members of our sister parish, as they were praying for us at Easter.

During a time when we are intentionally socially-distant, we realize more clearly how inter-connected the human beings of the world really are.  Reminds me of the Disney World venue I visited many years ago: “It’s a small world after all… it’s a small, small world.


Fr. Keith

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