26 April 2020

Dear Friends in Christ

Happy Easter Season!  It’s now DAY 45 since I first wrote on Friday 13 March to announce that we were cancelling all weekend Masses due to crowd limitations imposed by the State of Maryland.  The weekly bulletin is available at this link to keep you in touch, as a number of our meetings and others activities are moving into the virtual realm. You can see the front cover of this week’s bulletin below.

As I mentioned yesterday, our “one click” weekend virtual worship is available for use at home.    If you have children in your household, you can click at the following link for Children’s Liturgy of the Word resources.  In addition, Discussion questions are also available at this link for your own personal reflection, or to share with others at home.  During the weeks of the Easter season (until the Feast of Pentecost), please have a bowl of water at hand for the baptism remembrance as you begin the liturgy.


Fr. Keith

Join us for Coffee and Zoom!

Every Sunday from 12:00-12:45 “Coffee and Zoom” is available for online fellowship time.   So, after you have done your “church at home” for the weekend, join our online video conference fellowship time where we can see some familiar friendly faces, catch up with parishioners and staff members, and share a little about how we are managing in this challenging time.  We recommend using a laptop to join, but phones and tablets can also access the gathering.  Once folks have joined the session and we have had a chance to say hello to everyone, we usually break into smaller groups so we can chat with 6-8 other parishioners.  We hope you will join us… it would be great to “see” you again!

As businesses have shut down, many Frederick County families have lost their primary source of income, and the demands on the Food Banks across our county have increased.  One image that captures “New Life in the Easter Season” is the sight of our canned food bins filling up so regularly since weekend Masses have been cancelled.  Our parish generosity is appreciated each time our volunteers (such as Tim and Mary Abercrombie above) load the donations into their cars and transport the food to the Frederick Food Bank.  Creativity was shown by the Obreiter family (below) who invited their neighbors to drop off food donation at their front door, multiplying the amount of food they brought in.  The parish office vestibule (school building) is open from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM seven days a week to receive your donations of canned food.

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