27 April 2020

Fellow Parishioners,

It was great to see folks on Coffee and Zoom yesterday!  I really miss seeing all of your smiling faces at Mass so Coffee and Zoom has been a nice chance to reconnect with folks, catch up a bit and to share faith with each other.

I was realizing though that one other thing that happens alot before and after our Masses are those brief chats with Fr. Keith or the other members of the pastoral staff.  They usually start a little like this, “Do you have a minute?  I was hoping you could explain…”  While the chance to grab a minute with us in passing is harder now, those questions still remain (and in a situation like this, new ones have surely come up).  So, I’d like to offer a new platform for posing those questions, and getting them answered… Ask the Pastor(al Staff)!  All you need to do is email me your question and we will record a video response to be posted on our YouTube channel.  When you email me your question, just let me know whether you want your name used or for it to be anonymous.  This is a great chance for our adults, youth, and the children in the parish to get answers to those burning questions about faith, life, and discipleship.

The one question you will never find the answer to is the one you never ask.  So bring on those questions!

Know that you and your loved ones are in my prayers as we continue through this crisis.


Brian McCrohan


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