29 April 2020

Hello SKD Family

Man, this week has been a little tough. Not only did our own Director of Parish Operations had a harrowing fall, but also the rain has made it hard to get the kids out of the house! I am sure I am not alone in wanting these kids outside (in our yard) as much as possible. It is in these times that it is extra nice to see everyone and all the videos and pictures you have sent. Please enjoy this next video. For next week I would like to engage a little more. Take a picture or a video of yourself holding a sign that is encouraging to the rest of the community.  We would love to see you and your family participate. You can share it to our Facebook account (please like us on Facebook and Instagram, as we will be providing additional content there starting very soon) or our Instagram (yes we have an Instagram account) or like the youth ministry pages (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok). I would love to see your pictures. This only works if a lot of you share. If you don’t want to make a sign, that is fine, I am happy to just see your pictures and videos.

During this whole pandemic I have kept thinking about a young man who lived during another pandemic. This young man was not unlike many of our youth. He loved hanging out with his friends, was very much in to sports and, just like our own parishioners, was always in constant service to others. I am unsure how many of you are familiar with Blessed Giorgio Farssati, but he really was not unlike many of our youth in our own parish. I particularly like him because he was an ordinary student trying to live in service to God. He did this very well. He came from wealthy family, but they were not aware of his charitable acts. He felt as though they wouldn’t understand. So, in secret, he tended to the poor. It is thought that he contracted Polio while serving one of the many poor communities that were terribly stricken by that virus. Even as he was dying, at the age of 24, he was worried that some medication he had gotten for one of his friends might not get to them since he was to sick to go deliver it himself. This seemingly ordinary young man helped so many, that his family was incredibly overwhelmed at his funeral when thousands of mourners lined the streets. Pope John Paul II Beatified him and made him patron of world Youth Day. Bishop Robert Barron talks about him in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceOn2UZl3wQ#action=share. Check it out for more information on Blessed Farssati.

During the pandemic of our time, it made me think of what charitable acts of sacrifice we can make to show others their value. Certainly, staying home to protect the life of the most vulnerable is one way. Covering our face when we go out is a small sacrifice to protect those around us. If possible, picking up a few extra cans of food for the food bank and writing letters to those who do not have email are other ways. At this time if you have ideas on how we can serve each other, feel free to get back to me or check out our website www.saintdrexel.org to see which pastoral associate might be able to best assist you. Stay healthy and safe!


God Bless

Ana Maria Alvarado

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