8 April 2020

Hello SKD Family

Getting ready for Easter this year has certainly been very different. Our church, normally booming with activity in preparation for the Triduum and Easter masses, lies mostly empty. Most preparations being done from people’s homes as opposed to in the church. It got me thinking about how people prepared for the very first Easter. We of course know that the Apostles were not ready, in the least bit, despite Jesus’ best attempts at letting them know what was going to happen. Jesus on the other hand prepared by spending some time in silent prayer and meditation. He asked his friends to be there for him, but they fell asleep. He was isolated in the knowledge that he would suffer and die and then would rise-up. The great thing about Jesus is that he knows what we are going through, and if we can stay with him, we can have the hope that there will be a resurrection and be able to celebrate physically together again someday soon. The message of Holy Week applies to our time in more ways we can imagine.

Right before Jesus starts to show his disciples that he must undergo great suffering, he asks his disciples “…Who do you say that I am?” (MT 16:15).  Peter tells him he’s the Messiah and Jesus, in turn lets him know at that time that he will be the first Pope. The truth is that, above all, Jesus is Love and he is hope. On Holy Wednesday there are two characters we remember. Also known as “Spy Wednesday” we recall Judas who sold Jesus out but also the woman who anoints him (Mt 26:6). In the woman who anoints him, she fulfills who God is asking her to be. A believer and a disciple. I see this in our own congregation. I see people, who use their gifts given to them by God to share the good news, and I see a community full of hope. I see a family full of love who models this for our greater community.

This week I asked a few of our teens to share the small miracles they see during this time. A true measure of hope. I asked you to tell me who you are. This showed me that you are people filled with love. From family time, to the essential workers, to those who gathered for our virtual “Coffee and Donuts” I saw the love you have for God’s people.  Please enjoy this video as you see who we are as an SKD family.

For next week I would like to ask for pictures of whatever you did to celebrate Holy week and Easter this year. Feel free to email those directly to me or to post them on Facebook (under this post).

If you want to know more about our “Virtual Coffee and Donuts” please contact Brian McCrohan at Brian.mccrohan@saintdrexel.org to get more details.

If you are looking for youth ministry activities, we are active! We are having weekly high school virtual meetings, and after Easter I will begin activities for both middle schoolers and Young adults. Please contact me if you would like more information.

I hope all of you are having a blessed Holy Week, and I can’t wait to see your pictures!

God Bless

Ana Maria Alvarado


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