Good Friday – 10 April 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

Today we continue our celebration of the Sacred Triduum, the holy three days, with our observance of Good Friday.  In the Sacred Triduum, we journey with Jesus… through suffering and death… to new life.  This year in particular, we also remember that Jesus is journeying with us, suffering with us through a pandemic that is touching the whole world, and leading us to the new life we are all yearning for.

I invite you (as individuals or as groups of people at home) to be creative in preserving a sacred space in your life during Holy Week where God’s presence can be experienced, using the time you would have set aside to come to church.  In this e-mail you will find resources for your time of worship at home.  You might:

The observance of Good Friday around the world today lifts up the suffering of so many and unites us with the suffering of Jesus on the cross.  If time allows, you might also make use of one of several options for Stations of the Cross that can be found just below this letter.  As our journey through the Sacred Triduum continues toward its culmination in the Resurrection of the Lord, I look forward to sharing a streaming Easter Sunday Mass with you beginning at 8:30 AM on Easter Sunday morning.


Fr. Keith
Stations of the Cross

I was forwarded this version of the Stations of the Cross with particular attention to our current crisis.  If you have the time, consider praying this version of the Stations of the Cross.

Each Good Friday our social justice ministry sponsors a Stations of the Cross prayer experience in downtown Frederick where they link each station with a non-profit or government site in downtown Frederick to connect the suffering that Jesus experienced with the suffering that our brothers and sisters experience in our local community today… and the organizations that are striving to help them.  While we cannot walk the stations together you are invited to use this prayer guide to pray the stations in your own home.  Each station provides the name and location of where the station would have been prayed and a link to the organization’s website if appropriate so you can learn more about their mission and how you might be able to support the work they do in our local community.

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