Holy Saturday – 11 April 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

I was reflecting that, when I was a kid, Holy Saturday was a kind of quiet day of preparation.  It was not as somber as Good Friday, and there was the anticipation that the next day brought Easter egg hunts and baskets with chocolate bunnies, and wonderful dinners with extended family.  But that was the next day…

This time of social-distancing and Covid-19 restrictions reminds me of those Holy Saturdays.  We are past the Good Friday experience of facing the death of life as we knew it… and we are yearning for the Easter experience of new life and joy and freedom. to “live” again!  The reality is, we will be in this Holy Saturday mode for a while.

It’s important to remember that, while many meetings and activities have been cancelled, HOPE has not been cancelled.  Hope is the human quality that enables us to live in the Holy Saturday mode and not give up.  Hope is what sustains our yearning for the Easter experience.  Hope is the virtue that we practicing Christians learn through our yearly celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ during the Sacred Triduum.  Hope is a precious gift… and living without hope often has tragic results.

I invite you (as individuals or as groups of people at home) to be creative in preserving a sacred space in your Easter observance where God’s presence can be experienced, using the time you would have set aside to come to Mass at church.  An Easter Mass will begin streaming on our YouTube channel at 8:30 AM on Easter Sunday morning, and can be accessed anytime thereafter.  The only thing missing at that Mass is YOU– and we all look forward to the day when we can re-assemble to actually share the Eucharist together in person.  That will truly be a day of resurrection, and we will joyfully sing “AlleluiaAlleluia!”



Fr. Keith

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