Palm Sunday

Apr 4, 2020

When we observe Palm Sunday this weekend, we join with Christians all over the world in entering our holiest week of the year.  This will be a challenge as so many Christians will not have access to their regular places of worship because of the Coronavirus.  Because of this, I invite you to maintain a prayerful spirit in your daily routine throughout this week, especially making a commitment to prayer at home during the high holydays of the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter celebration).  We will providing liturgical resources for you to use at home (as we have been doing each weekend) for these special days.  Worshipping as a family during this sacred time will help to pass on our faith tradition to the next generation.  Holy Week is actually a “holy” week only if we intentionally make it so.  Can you set aside some special time so that the Sacred Triduum is really a “sacred” time for your family to experience at home in prayer?

The Sacred Triduum culminates in the celebration of the Feast of the Resurrection at Easter.  As this is the most important feast of the liturgical year, we are planning a special Easter Mass in which you will be able to participate through the wonder of technology.  Please make sure that you set aside time for prayer at Easter, to share in the hope of Christ’s resurrection.

You’ll notice in this bulletin that we were able to pay the mortgage this month (and even more) with the assistance of memorial gifts from two recent funerals of parishioners.  Thanks to their families for honoring their loved ones and their parish in this way.

 This weekend we hear Matthew’s account of the passion of Jesus.  In our prayer at home during Holy Week, may we remember our brothers and sisters suffering around the world with the Coronavirus—and all those who have lost loved ones– in the hope that they may also find the resurrection and new life experienced by Jesus at Easter.

Fr. Keith

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