Second Sunday of Easter

Apr 19, 2020

In the midst of the various COVID-19 restrictions, many of our normal routines and cherished rituals have been altered.  For instance, most of us were probably not able to engage in our usual Easter Sunday celebrations with family.  It is said that after repeated experiences like this, we can begin a kind of grieving process for what we are missing.

            The same applies to our church life.  As we enter the fifty-day celebration of the Easter season, we are usually treated to events at Mass when we celebrate special occasions in the life of our parish families, such as baptisms and first communions.  This year, the adults preparing to be baptized at the Easter Vigil are still waiting… and the children preparing for their First Communion during these April and May weekends are still waiting… and the young families who were expecting to baptize their infants during these weeks are still waiting…

            If you are one of these parishioners, please know that we are all waiting with you.  We all look forward to the time when we can worship together again… when we can rejoice with you as you baptize your child, or receive your First Communion, or be welcomed into the life of the Church through adult baptism.  We are staying apart, so that one day most of us will be able to be together again.  And so we wait…together…apart!

            This weekend we also would have bestowed the annual Kate Awards on deserving parishioners at our Volunteer Appreciation Party.  This is always a wonderful evening, as it highlights how many dedicated parishioners serve our faith community in so many ways.  Once again, we are waiting to celebrate your dedication and caring service in the future…

       I had to smile this week—a father of young children asked me if being quarantined at home with your family reduced your time in purgatory… claimed he was asking for a friend…

Fr. Keith

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