11 May 2020

Fellow Parishioners,

I am sure over the last couple of months you have felt like the man in this picture.  We have been thrown into a new world where we must rely on technology more and more and it does not always work as we would like it to.  When I think about how we used to spend time together in worship and fellowship, we are a far cry from where we were able to see each other at Mass, in Bible Studies, at TGIF, and at various parish social activities.

Now we are “Zooming” everything, texting and emailing all the time, and making time to call each other because that is all we can do.  In a way, as frustrating as it is, it feels like maybe we are trying harder to communicate and the result is that maybe we are.  I am seeing more patience and courtesy when I go out of the house to the store, at the gas station, and in the neighborhood.  Maybe, it is in the extra effort that we are making, which helps us to be more patient as we all deal with our shared frustration with life right now.

This weekend, it was heartening to see how many of you tuned into our very first live-streamed Mass.  It was not perfect by any means, but watching it was like seeing a beloved memory.  I miss you all. I miss hearing the congregation sing.  I miss the sound of everyone praying the “Lord’s Prayer” together. Yet, I could almost hear it again.  Knowing that so many of you watched made me feel like we are all remembering together.

As we wrestle with technology to improve this experience with live-streaming, please know that all I want is to see you all in person and be able to say, “Peace be with you” at the Sign of Peace and shake your hand again.  I feel so blessed to be part of this community.

Be safe and God bless you.  “Do not let your hearts be troubled!”


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