20 May 2020

Hello SKD Family

It’s been a week of hope. Governor Hogan has begun Phase 1 of reopening and we have started a partial opening in Frederick county. Our staff has started to make plans for allowing some parishioners to return to mass and hoped we will soon be able to see some of you in person. In the meantime, I will continue to try and get some videos to you all. I still would like to see more pictures before I send the next one out so keep sending them in. Additionally, Pentecost is nearing, and we would like to get our kids involved in wishing the church a Happy Birthday. Please have your kids make cards or posters wishing the church a happy birthday and take a picture of the kids holding the cards. We would love to see as many of our kids as possible. Please note that these pictures will be presented on social media. 

Youth Ministry Updates 

We continue to meet regularly with our middle, high school, and young adults through zoom. Contact me if you or your child would like to participate.

We have a few confirmation classes coming up. If you or your child is in high school and has received two years of faith formation including this year, please let me know as your child may be able to get started in the confirmation preparation.

We are still looking for our high school and college graduates. If you are the parent, grandparent or spouse of a high school or college graduate please send me an email with the following:

  1.  Name 
  2. School they are graduating from (and degree they are to receive)
  3. Future plans

Even if you think I know your graduate please send me the email as I want to make sure I do not accidentally leave anyone out as we plan ahead. 

Did you know?

St Elizabeth Ann Seton had to go into quarantine twice in her life and lost her father and then her husband to yellow fever each time she was quarantined. She was definitely no stranger to tragedy in her life, but Elizabeth always seemed to turn her tragedy into good. 

While she was not Catholic at the time of her husband’s death it was a Catholic family that showed her what it meant to be a true disciple of Jesus. This made her want to share that love that she received by sharing it with others. This is what inspired her to start a convent. 

As we get closer to being able to worship fully again together, I know St Elizabeth Ann Seton stands in solidarity with us. She knows what it was like to continue to stay in quarantine and what fears we might have as we begin phase one. During this time, I ask that St Elizabeth Ann Seton pray for us. That we may continue to flatten the curve and that we may soon have a vaccine. Once we are able to, I encourage you all to visit St Elizabeth’s shrine in Emmitsburg to learn more about her extraordinary life. 

God Bless

Ana Maria Alvarado

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