23 May 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

It’s Memorial Day weekend– and we can’t assemble yet for Mass– and no doubt, many of our Memorial Day traditional gatherings and activities will not be happening.  For the sake of the greater good, we have been called to make a lot of adjustments this year, and the important thing is be creative about how to do it differently, rather than griping about why it can’t be like it always is….

We are continuing this week to live-stream our weekend Mass so that we can be united as we worship, wherever we might be– especially when some parishioners will be able soon to return to church while others may not be able (or may not be comfortable).  And so you are invited to click on the following link to join us for our live-streamed weekend Mass each Saturday evenings at 5:00 PM.  You can also join us through our website, or on our YouTube channel.  If you cannot worship with us LIVE at that particular time, this weekend Mass will be available on our YouTube channel any time afterwards for your convenience, especially on Sunday morning.

If you have children in your house and would find a Children’s Liturgy of the Word helpful, please use the video resource here.  During the weeks of the Easter season, please have a bowl of water at hand for the baptism remembrance as we begin Mass.

As I mentioned last weekend, restrictions about assembling for weekend Mass and other activities may soon be loosened. Your parish staff is currently reviewing all the requirements for re-opening the church (and returning to Mass safely) from the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the State of Maryland, and Frederick County, and we will share that plan with you as soon as we can.  

Frederick County has determined that all houses of worship are to remain closed until 29 May, when they may be able to open if there are no rising trends in hospitalizations and other health metrics.

The pastors of the eight parishes in southern Frederick County are working to agree on a common weekend to reopen the parishes of our region to avoid confusion.  It is taking some time for everyone to obtain the needed cleaning supplies (many back-ordered), develop the necessary parish protocol, prepare the church building physically, and train the needed personnel to enable people to return to Mass safely.  While this could change, we are aiming at this point at the weekend of 13/14 June.  This is the feast of Corpus Christi, and so if this date works out, it will be a very appropriate time to return to celebrating the Eucharist.  I will let you know when the date is definite– and until then, I look forward to seeing you!


Fr. Keith

Join us for Coffee and Zoom!

Every Sunday from 12:00-12:45 “Coffee and Zoom” is available for online fellowship time.   So, after you have done your “church at home” for the weekend, join our online video conference fellowship time where we can see some familiar friendly faces, catch up with parishioners and staff members, and share a little about how we are managing in this challenging time.  We recommend using a laptop to join, but phones and tablets can also access the gathering.  Once folks have joined the session and we have had a chance to say hello to everyone, we usually break into smaller groups so we can chat with 6-8 other parishioners.  We hope you will join us… it would be great to “see” you again!  If you need the link please contact Brian McCrohan at bmccrohan@saintdrexel.org.

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