24 May 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

We will wind up celebrating the entire liturgical season of Easter virtually in 2020.  Imagine– it’s now DAY 73 since I first wrote on Friday 13 March to announce that we were cancelling all weekend Masses due to crowd limitations imposed by the State of Maryland.  The weekly bulletin is available at this link to keep you in touch, as a number of our meetings and others activities have moved into the virtual realm. 

We continue to live-stream weekend Mass each Saturday at 5:00 PM.  If you cannot worship with us LIVE at that particular time, this weekend Mass will be available through our website on our YouTube channel any time afterwards for your convenience, especially on Sunday morning.  If you have children at home and would find a Children’s Liturgy of the Word helpful, please use the video resource here.  This is a new feature we are offering for our families.  During the weeks of the Easter season, please have a bowl of water at hand for the baptism remembrance at the beginning of each Mass.

Our parishioners are always generous to those in need in Frederick County and around the world.  With your contributions to help the poor and needy during 2019-20, we have recently been able to donate $7,745 to pay the remaining balances for this year’s Frederick County Public Schools lunches for families who have been unable to make these payments.  By eliminating this debt, we are helping to ease the burden on these families throughout the county during this difficult time when many have lost employment.  Thank you to all parishioners whose generosity has made this possible.

On this Memorial Day weekend, we remember those who have given their lives in service to their country and to the cause of freedom—for they have made the ultimate sacrifice.  This year we can’t help but remember all those on the front lines who have lost their lives battling the COVID-19 pandemic and assisting others.  We also remember in prayer those who grieve their loss.


Fr. Keith

Join us for Coffee and Zoom!

Every Sunday from 12:00-12:45 “Coffee and Zoom” is available for online fellowship time.   So, after you have done your “church at home” for the weekend, join our online video conference fellowship time where we can see some familiar friendly faces, catch up with parishioners and staff members, and share a little about how we are managing in this challenging time.  We recommend using a laptop to join, but phones and tablets can also access the gathering.  Once folks have joined the session and we have had a chance to say hello to everyone, we usually break into smaller groups so we can chat with 6-8 other parishioners.  We hope you will join us… it would be great to “see” you again!  If you need the link please contact Brian McCrohan at bmccrohan@saintdrexel.org.

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