26 May 2020

Happy Tuesday! 

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend… if days of the week actually still have meaning for you!  I hope you are well and that you enjoyed some time this past weekend connecting with family and friends (remotely or from a safe distance).  I wanted to bring one new thing and one reminder to your attention today:

RISE Coalition seeking donations

The RISE Coalition (Resources for Immigrant Support and Empowerment) is seeking donations to aid the many undocumented immigrant families in our county.  These families were not eligible for the stimulus checks sent to citizens or other government aid.  Many undocumented immigrants, individuals and families with children, have become more vulnerable lacking the access to any financial support. Having lost their jobs and with little protection, many are at a greater risk of losing their housing. The RISE Coalition created a fund to support our immigrant neighbors who were left out of the federal relief efforts.  They are hoping to provide $250 in aid to over 150 families.  If you would like to support their efforts you can donate here:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-undocumented-workers-in-frederick-county

A Reminder, Primary Elections are June 2nd

By now you should have received your ballot for the primary election.  ALL ballots can be submitted via mail.  Please take the time to consider your vote and make sure that you send it in so that your voice is counted.  The Maryland Catholic Conference sent surveys to all candidates and you can find their responses here.

I look forward to seeing you all as well as it is safe to do so!



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