Pentecost Sunday

May 31, 2020

Even though we are all worshipping at home this weekend– nonetheless, we are still celebrating an amazing reality as a faith community.  As a a result of our Baptism, the very Spirit of God dwells within each one of us! We can go through our entire lives ignoring the influence of that gift… as many do.  Or, we can use the time we have been given to learn how to become part of God’s plan through the guidance of that Spirit.  When the frightened apostles recognized the presence of God’s Holy Spirit long ago, the faith community of the Church was born… and we are now part of that continuing story twenty centuries later.  Happy Pentecost, and Happy Birthday, Church! 

       The Feast of Pentecost concludes the liturgical season of Easter, and so it is appropriate that I give a final report on our Easter collection.  While less than last year, this year’s total was $16,905.20– which is amazing considering that we have not been in church during the entire Easter season!  Since our budget was based on a typical Easter collection, I want to thank everyone whose generosity helped us reach this total.

       Our next parish Blood Drive will be on Saturday 13 June.  The gift of our blood to keep others alive is well worth the time it takes to donate.  Giving blood can now be done quicker using the new RAPIDPass process.  To pre-register using RAPIDPass or to sign up using Signup Genius, please follow the information available in this bulletin and on our parish website.

       Assuming that Frederick County does not change its policies, we are still planning to open our church with weekend Masses on the weekend of 13/14 June.  This will be with only 30% capacity, everyone wearing masks, and no singing allowed!  You will be asked to pre-register for the Mass you plan to attend, and to arrive early to allow time for the check-in procedure.  This mode of operating will be with us for some time to avoid the further spread of COVID-19.  At least we will be able to celebrate the Eucharist together again!

Fr. Keith

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