10 June 2020

Hello SKD Family

Last Saturday we had a practice run for getting some of you to come back to church this Saturday at 5:00 PM and this Sunday at 9:00 AM. If you are one of our parishioners who is very excited, please visit our website. www.saintdrexel.org , to sign up and make sure you watch this video, https://youtu.be/OpazPMlFung, to ensure that you understand our new procedures. We are excited to see those who are ready to come back.

I have also heard from many of you that you just don’t feel ready. This is also ok as the Archbishop has extended his dispensation from mass. Whether you are in an at-risk group, or you just don’t feel like it’s right for your family right now, or all the spaces for mass have been filled up, we understand that many of you might not be able to attend. Therefore, we plan to continue live streaming mass through YouTube at the 5:00 PM mass, we will also live stream the 9:00 AM and both of those masses will be available through YouTube after the mass for anyone to view at a different time.  You can follow our YouTube channel @Saint Katharine Drexel Church. If you are more of a Facebook user, One of the worst kept secrets is that we are actually Premiering the 5:00 PM mass every Sunday at 11:00 AM (So it’s not live but a few of us gather virtually to watch mass together on Facebook at that time). This video will also be available after the mass premiers on our Facebook page. You can follow our page @saintkatharinedrexel.

Youth Ministry Updates

The Archdiocese has greenlighted certain activities for youth ministry. We are planning a few outdoor activities for the summer, please stay tuned for more information.

High School: We have a GroupMe group for high school youth ministry. If you would like to be added to the group to receive text messages feel free to send me your name and cell phone number (parents and teens are welcomed to join) to get updates on what is happening with youth group. (rising 9th – graduating seniors)

Young Adults: We also have a GroupMe group for young adults. We will also be starting in person activities for this group. If you would like more information through text message send me an email with your name and cell phone number (Graduating Seniors – 35 yr)

Middle School: I am starting a GroupMe for middle school parents. If you are the parent of a middle schooler email me with your name and cell phone number for text updates.

Please note that the types of activities we can have are limited and some restrictions will be implemented to stay safe.

Did You Know?

I am sure many of you know that St. Augustine is considered one of the pillars of the church. Many of you may know him as the saint who converted from his ways of heavy partying and had a mother (St. Monica) who continuously prayed herself into sainthood for his conversion (many parents of teenagers might relate). Some of you may have read one of his 96 books especially Confessions [of St. Augustine] or City of God. You might even know him as the patron saint of brewers, printers, theologians, or a particular diocese. What might be news to you is that he was born in Africa. While I knew he was from, Hippo, if you are like me you always thought of Hippo as a Roman area, which it was, but thanks to the vast expanse of the Roman Empire, Hippo was in the southern part of the Empire and was located in what we know today as Algeria. He wrote on many topics including extensively on the sins of slavery more than 1,000 years prior to Columbus sailing the ocean blue and about 1500 years prior to the US abolishing slavery. If you are struggling to understand or want to better understand the teachings of the catholic church on sociology, morals, ethics, philosophy or theology, read City of God, but also pray for the intercession of St. Augustine of Hippo.

God Bless

Ana Maria Alvardo

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