11 June 2020

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

I am very excited to see many of you this coming weekend when we “reopen.”  Even though my smile will be hidden under a mask, I promise you it will be there.  Remember to sign up to attend using the link on our website https://www.saintdrexel.org/.

Recently I heard some advice on dealing with the ongoing stress of the pandemic that I think will put things in perspective as we return to worship in a little different way.  One was to be Thankful and focus on your blessings.  Being able to gather with a limited number of people and social distancing in the pews is not ideal, but it means we are moving forward.  For those who are not able to rejoin us in person, we are grateful for the technology to worship as a community.   There are so many things about our liturgy that I find prayerful, especially the music, so not singing along is sad (even for someone like me who can’t carry a tune!)  but another tip I heard today was to Meditate more. So while the music is playing, I invite you to quietly reflect on the words of the songs. 

Here is another prayer to pray as our country continues to heal from and resolve the racism and injustice that exists:

O Lord our God, in your mercy and kindness, no thought of ours is left unnoticed, no desire or concern ignored. You have proven that blessings abound when we fall on our knees in prayer, and so we turn to you in our hour of need.

Surrounded by violence and cries for justice, we hear your voice telling us what is required, “Only to do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God” (Mi 6:8). Fill us with your mercy so that we, in turn, may be merciful to others.

Strip away pride, suspicion, and racism so that we may seek peace and justice in our communities. Strengthen our hearts so that they beat only to the rhythm of your holy will. Flood our path with your light as we walk humbly toward a future filled with encounter and unity.

Be with us, O Lord, in our efforts, for only by the prompting of your grace can we progress toward virtue. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Reminder– Our parish Blood Drive is this Saturday.  With the parish office closed, you will not receive a reminder phone call so if you signed up, please remember to show for your scheduled appointment wearing a mask.



St. Katharine Drexel Pastoral Associate

301-360-9581 ext. 2275

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