19 June 2020

My Fellow Parishioners,

Sometimes we need to take a look back to see how things how changed (or not.)  So, take a trip with me back to April in the attached video.

Also, as we approach the end of fiscal year 2020, I wanted to give you a financial update.  I’ve talked a lot about the extraordinary generosity of our parish family over the last several weeks, but you can see it borne out in the offertory collection statistics in the video.

Even with your special gifts of support during the pandemic, we still face challenges ahead.  Until we return to a “normal” state, whatever that is, we’ll face a shortfall in the offertory collection.  But there is good news.  As I mention in the video, recurring offertory donations through electronic giving have risen by 20% since 1 July 2019.  Parishioners are also using Faith Direct to make one-time gifts to the offertory and mortgage fund.  This is the most convenient and consistent way to support Saint Katharine Drexel.  If you want to enroll, visit www.faithdirect.net to enroll online or the Stewardship section of our website to download the enrollment form.

Many parishioners have volunteered in additional roles so we can safely resume Mass.  Without your help as ushers, as members of the cleaning crew and on the team that checks in parishioners, we would not be able to worship together in the church.  Special thanks to Alyce Luck and Pauline Leopard who recruited, trained and are managing the cleaning and check-in teams.  We are looking for additional volunteers who can be ushers over the next few months, especially for the 9AM and 11AM Masses.  Please reply to this email if you can help.  Thanks!

Stay safe and well,

Pat O’Connor


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