3 June 2020

Hello SKD Family

First, I wanted to thank all of you for all the encouraging words you have provided to our staff over the past couple of months. I got a lot of pictures from all of you in the past week, but I am holding on to them for one week and I will make a new one next week. Feel free to continue to send your pictures.

As we continue to prepare for the partial opening of our church, we appreciate all those who have volunteer to help. We continue to look for volunteers so feel free to reach out if you would like to help.

Some of you may feel like you may not remember what it’s like to go back to church. Last year our peer ministers decided to show our confirmation students what NOT to do when it comes to church through a very creative skit. This video also opened our confirmation retreat which allowed us to introduce our confirmation adult team. I would like to share this video with all of you so that you remember what its not like to be back. Please remember that this was made a year ago (in case you are wondering about social distancing). Confirmation Retreat Video 2019

Did You Know

This is a really hard time in our country. Today I want to go back to a Saint that I have already talked about. Saint Katharine Drexel. Many of you know that Saint Katharine Drexel was a champion for social justice, particularly when it came to racial injustice. She was so outspoken about giving Black and Native American children the same opportunities as white children that she was threaten by the KKK and other white supremacists multiple times. Saint Katharine Drexel was of course relentless and fought back each step of the way. When they tried to blow up her buildings, she kept building them.

When they tried to get her and her white sisters to stop teaching black children with the law, she fought back in the courtroom and won. When she opened Xavier University in New Orleans, a historically black college, they broke every single one of the windows in the building. Saint Katharine Drexel fixed the widows and opened a college that is still open today. In Texas they nailed a letter to one of the school churches telling her to stop services there, “Suppress it in one week or flogging with tar and feathers will follow.” Saint Katharine Drexel prayed and then a tornado destroyed the KKK headquarters. The KKK never bothered Order of the Blessed Sacrament in Beaumont again. In the time where segregation was the law she followed the law by allowing black congregants to sit anywhere on one side of the church instead of renegading them to the back like most places in the south.

She always stayed just within the confines of the law while providing the best care for the oppressed. This allowed her to continue her fight while keeping her schools and missions safe from the law. She died just before the civil rights movement, but she certainly showed many that the fight for racial equality is possible. Today we must continue her work to help those who are treated unfairly because of the color of their skin, or national origin. In these crossroads that our country is facing let’s ask for Saint Katharine’s intercession so that we may be able to take a stand for the oppressed even if it may make us uncomfortable.  


God Bless

Ana Maria Alvarado


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