4 June 2020

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

It seems our hearts are troubled once again by the division and unrest in our country as a result of racism and hate.  So much more is accomplished as a result of working and praying together. St. Pope John Paul II said, ” You must oppose every form of hatred with the invincible power of Christ’s love.”  Let us continue to love one another with the same unconditional love that Jesus offers us.

Here is a prayer written for peace in troubled times, but still speaks to current times. I hope that you and your family will pray it together.

O God, author and giver of peace,
in whose image and likeness each of us has been created
with a human dignity worthy of respect on earth
and destined for eternal glory,
Listen to the cry that rises from every corner of this fragile earth,
from our human family torn by violent conflict:

Give peace in our time, O good and gracious God,
that peace which, as your son Jesus Christ told us
and as we have experienced in these days,
is a peace which the world cannot give.

To world leaders grant the wisdom
to see beyond the boundaries of race, religion, and nation
to that common humanity that makes us all your children
and brothers and sisters to one another.

To those who have taken up arms in anger or revenge
or even in the cause of justice
grant the grace of conversion to the path of peaceful dialogue
and constructive collaboration.

To the innocent who live in the shadow of war and terror,
especially the frightened children,
be a shelter and strength, their haven and hope.

And to those who have already lost their lives
as victims of human cruelty and chemical warfare,
open wide your arms and enfold them all
in the embrace of your compassion, healing, and everlasting life.

Grant this through Jesus Christ, your son, our Lord.
Mary, Mother of all and Queen of peace, pray for us.

-Peter J. Scagnelli  (jesuitresources.org)



Saint Katharine Drexel Pastoral Associate

301-360-9581 ext. 2275

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