Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Aug 16, 2020

       We usually issue our annual schedule of parish social activities at the end of August.  Like many other institutions, we are struggling to understand what, if any, of our usual social activities can be held safely this fall.  For instance, our parish picnic cannot be held in its traditional format, but we are brainstorming about what other kind of parish event might safely takes its place.  We have found a way to worship together as safely as possible, so we will let you know what we come up with…

       This is the time of year when students are normally leaving for college.  Some schools are not resuming in-person instruction for the fall semester, but others are,  And so, if you are going off to college,  we ask God’s blessing during your time away from home and pray that you will truly value the educational opportunity that is before you, and grow significantly in wisdom and knowledge and personal maturity during the coming academic year.          

       Included in the bulletin this weekend is a letter from Archbishop Lori expressing his appreciation to our parish for our participation in the Annual Appeal this year.  As he notes, our parish had one of the highest rates of participation in the archdiocese, and generously exceeded our parish goal.  You will remember that we are able to designate 25% of these funds to St. Michael School in Arizona (founded by St. Katharine), our sister parish St. Hubert in Haiti, our own parish program of outreach to immigrants, and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament (founded by Saint Katharine).  We also receive 50% of all funds over our parish goal, which you see reflected in our monthly mortgage report.  Thanks to everyone who allowed us to be successful in this appeal once again!

       Please remember to check out our new virtual Faith Formation program “Foundation in Faith” and register for this fall on our parish website.

Fr. Keith

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