Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Oct 11, 2020

We are planning to provide a highly qualified slate of candidates for our Pastoral Council elections next month.  If you have been contacted to run in the election, or if you are offering yourself in service to your parish in this way, please remember to submit your biographical information to the parish office by next Sunday 18 October.  We like to make this background information available to all parishioners on our website and in the narthex for at least two weekends in preparation for voting.

       With COVID-19 restrictions, it isn’t possible for us to hold our HarvestFest as we did last year—so we are trying something different and going virtual.  From 15-31 October you can go on-line to support this annual fundraiser.  Check out our participating vendors and do some fall shopping!  An insert in the bulletin offers more information and the link.

       National elections will take place next month.  Before you vote, learn about the issues and the candidates running to represent you. The Maryland Catholic Conference asked candidates where they stand on important issues like education, respect for life, and immigration.  We have included the candidate responses for U.S Congressional District 6 and

District 8 (where most of our parishioners live) as inserts in the bulletin this weekend.

       The Archdiocese of Baltimore gave parishes permission to distribute communion at the end of Mass in order to stagger the departure of parishioners from Mass when we re-started public Masses back in June.  They have now asked that we return the distribution of communion to its usual place in the Mass.  To make sure there is still a staggered (and therefore safer) departure from church after Mass, the ushers will invite you to leave pew-by-pew during the final hymn, so please cooperate with them at the end of Mass.  While congregational singing is still prohibited, we also now have permission to have small choirs at Mass.

Fr. Keith

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