Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Nov 8, 2020

November has a special place in church tradition as a time to remember our deceased loved ones.   Our Litany of Remembrance at all Masses this weekend recalls in prayer our family members and friends who have died in the past year.  You may also list others in the Book of the Dead (located near the baptismal font), or as intentions on the All Souls envelope (received in your envelope packet) which will be honored on the altar at Masses during November.  You may also call the parish office to have names inscribed in our Book of the Dead if you are not currently coming to Mass in church.  Many thanks to Judy Timko for sharing her talent this year in preparing our Memorial Banner in the narthex.

       Each fall, after the end of the fiscal year, we publish an Annual Report in order to provide a public accounting of our financial situation and a reflection on the state of our parish.  All registered parishioners will receive a copy in the mail at home, and I want to thank our parish corporators Mary Beth Clark and Steve Heine, as well as our Director of Parish Operations Pat O’Connor for their diligence and dedication in issuing this report each year.

       This week we are celebrating the four-year anniversary of the dedication of our church building.  Due to your generosity in the mortgage collection, we have been able to make our monthly mortgage payment every month—and have even been able to make some extra payments!  Thanks so much for understanding how important this is for our future as a parish.

        Voting in our Pastoral Council elections will conclude this Sunday 8 November.  The candidates’ resumes and photos are available on our parish website, which is also where you are able to vote.  If you requested a mail-in ballot, please make sure it is returned by the last Mass this weekend.

       On Wednesday we give will thanks for the selfless service of all veterans.  May you know God’s blessing!

Fr. Keith

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