Fourth Sunday of Advent

Dec 20, 2020

Christmas is so different for people this year!  Many families are not getting together as usual to limit the spread of COVID-19.  We also know that Christmas is changed for those whose loved ones have died during 2020.  As we assemble for our Christmas worship, we celebrate the hope that was embodied in the birth of Jesus—a hope that can sustain us into a new year… and a post-COVID life!

       A bulletin insert this weekend expresses thanks to Kathy Tolino for her service to our faith community in the Parish Office for over thirteen years and wishes her well in retirement.  Kathy started working for us two years after we started having Mass in the school gym, and has seen staff members, and capital campaigns, and parish data base systems come and go during her time with us.  Through it all, she has maintained an inspiring sense of joy and service.  Thanks, Kathy!

       In order to pray at home as a family during the holidays– beyond grace before meals– you might think about gathering together at the Christmas manger for a blessing.  We’ve included an insert in the bulletin this weekend to assist you with this form of prayer at home.  

         Our holiday liturgical schedule is included on an insert this weekend.  Because of capacity limitations, we have added a 2:00 PM Mass on Christmas Eve.  Please remember to reserve seats for Christmas Masses (including seats for out-of-town guests) on our parish website so that we can try to keep everyone as safe as possible.  I’m trying to imagine how we can possibly keep from singing Christmas carols—but we have to!

       Our Finance Committee always counts on a good Christmas collection to keep our budget balanced– and so, thanks, in advance, for sharing generously with your faith community in this special season.  May you experience God’s blessing and Christ’s love during your Christmas celebration this year—whatever shape it winds up taking.  Thanks for making our parish an important part of your life– and Merry Christmas!

Fr. Keith

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