The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Dec 27, 2020

Usually on this Sunday after Christmas I am expressing hopes that you enjoyed quality time with family and friends during the holiday time.  But many people have limited holiday travel and family contact this year.  My family has been following the advice of health professionals, and did not get together in person for either Thanksgiving or for Christmas.  Also, the regular holiday parties and festive dinners of December were all cancelled. This year we are all doing this for the common good, trusting that next year will be different—but I have noticed that my sense of interior joy has been affected.  Thank God we are still able to experience the joy and peace of celebrating the birth of our savior– the real reason for Christmas– even if we miss experiencing his presence and love this year, as we so often do, through family and friends.

       It takes many creative people to make our parish celebrations of the Advent/Christmas season prayerful and inspiring.  Many thanks to the coordinators of our liturgical ministries for their leadership throughout the year.  We are also appreciative to our musicians and decorators for the way they add to the beauty of our worship.  This year we are also grateful to the donors who enabled us to complete the icons planned for the interior of our church– art is so often able to lift and inspire us in prayer.  And we are very grateful to all of our ushers—new and experienced—who have been so generous in their service of keeping us safe while assembling for worship during this COVID-19 time.

       Thanks also to those parishioners who personally shared with us at Mass during Advent how “Now is the Time” to experience the loving and guiding presence of God in your life: Chris Weber, D’Arcy Monson, Wil Graham, and Estelle Makeu.  You can find their reflections on our parish website in the homily section.

       The pandemic has inspired new ideas.  Check out the Christmas tradition display in our parking lot this Sunday night.  It’s COVID-safe…you can drive-thru!

Fr. Keith

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