Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jan 31, 2021

       World Marriage Day will be celebrated this year on 13/14 February at all Masses, and we will produce a bulletin insert acknowledging those couples who are celebrating a special 5-year anniversary in 2021.  Please complete the form included in the bulletin and return it to the Parish Office by Monday 8 February if you would like to be acknowledged in this special celebration of marriage. 

       This week we join the national observance of Catholic Schools Week.  To begin the week, students from local Catholic Schools are serving in various ministries at the 11:00 AM Mass this weekend.  We celebrate these educational institutions who strive to integrate a faith perspective into all aspects of student life, and we give thanks for the sacrifice many parents make to afford the tuition at these schools. 

       Our parish liturgy planning committee discerned that our parish Lenten focus this year will be “I will raise you up,” especially reflecting that as a nation and as a world we are beginning to experience hope through the vaccine, seeing a possible path to finally emerging from the Coronavirus pandemic.  Our Adult Faith Formation Committee will be organizing a number of Lenten opportunities, two of which are highlighted on bulletin inserts this weekend—a Lenten Bible Study and a Lenten Retreat morning.  If you would like to join the Bible Study, please be aware of the time you may need to obtain the book that is being used.

       In the past we have usually mailed out financial contribution statements in January to assist you in preparing your income tax return.  This year, if we have an e-mail address for you, you will receive an e-mail with directions enabling you to print out your contribution statement.  If we do not have an e-mail address for you, you will receive your statement from us via USPS mail as usual.  If you have any questions or problems concerning this, please contact our parish Finance Director Pat O’Connor in the Parish Office.

Fr. Keith

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