Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jan 17, 2021

The Frederick School of Religion has been in operation for over three decades, offering an adult opportunity to continue learning about religion in an ecumenical atmosphere.  Many of our parishioners have benefitted from these classes in the past– but I’m sorry to announce that the 2021 session has been cancelled because of pandemic precautions.

     Pat O’Connor has done a great job for a number of years as our Director of Parish Operations, but she has requested that her hours and responsibilities be reduced– and so a bulletin insert this weekend details the adjustments being made to the job descriptions of our administrative staff.  I’m grateful that Pat will remain in a half-time capacity, and we welcome Stuart Henderson as our new Director of Parish Operations!

     Our parish Elder Outreach Network has been a valuable ministry in our parish, not only for our senior parishioners who can become isolated as they become less mobile, but also for the volunteers who keep in touch with them and glean their wisdom over time.  If you’d like to become involved, please consult the information provided on a bulletin insert this weekend.

     To assist in your income tax preparation, we will soon be mailing out financial statements to all registered households from which we received recordable income during 2020.  If you do not receive your statement (or have any questions about your statement), please contact Pat O’Connor in the parish office and she will be happy to help you.

       The Catholic Advocacy Network is an easy way for you to get involved in the work of the Maryland General Assembly during their session (which just started) over the next three months.  The network sends you e-mail alerts when legislation is pending, and even drafts a suggested response for you (which you can modify to reflect your opinion) to send to your representatives.  You can sign up on-line using the information provided elsewhere in this bulletin.

Fr. Keith

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