Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Feb 7, 2021

You never know how your words and actions may be affecting other people.  I have included a letter from Elaine (who lives in Ohio) as a bulletin insert this week.  Elaine’s home parish was not live-streaming weekend Masses– and so, in going online to find Mass, she discovered our parish.  Elaine says that she loves our parish, and that she has re-discovered (through worshipping with us) a joy for Catholicism that she has not felt for a long time.  I can only say “thanks be to God”… and thanks to all of you who help to create the kind of parish that is now inspiring people in Ohio.  She even sent a contribution!

       Next weekend we join the national observance of World Marriage Day, and a special blessing of all married couples will occur at each Mass.  Please plan to attend the same Mass with your spouse (either in-person or on-line) to receive this blessing.  If you are celebrating a special 5-year wedding anniversary during 2021, please return the form in the bulletin (or on our website) to the parish office by this Monday.

       Many parishioners have received a solicitation regarding the Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries.  We are part of a larger Church, and the Appeal is one way that we demonstrate our participation in that Archdiocesan and even broader worldwide faith community. If the brochure (or e-mail) is sitting on your desk (or in your inbox) at home, please take a moment to respond with your gift.  The rebate from surpassing our parish goal has helped us make our monthly mortgage payment the last few years.

       Over the next few weeks, our Katie’s Ladies group is coordinating a project to assist those who have recently completed their time and been released from jail as they return to life in our community.  Toiletry items and monetary donations will be collected from 13-28 February in the church narthex and the parish office vestibule, and the list of requested items in on a bulleting insert this weekend.  Thanks for caring!

Fr. Keith

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