Palm Sunday

Mar 28, 2021

In the celebration of Palm Sunday this weekend, we join with Christians all over the world as we enter our holiest week of the year.  We are invited to maintain a prayerful spirit in our daily routine throughout this week, especially making a commitment to worship during the high holydays of the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter celebration).  Worshipping as a family on these special days will help to pass on our faith tradition to the next generation.  Holy Week is actually a “holy” week only if we intentionally make it so.  Perhaps you can set aside some special time so that the Triduum is really a “sacred” time for your family to experience…

       The Sacred Triduum culminates in the celebration of the Feast of the Resurrection at Easter.  Please take note that there is no 5:00 PM Mass next Saturday (Easter Vigil at 8:00 PM) and that our Easter Sunday Masses are expanded from the normal two Masses to three Masses at 8:30 AM, 10:15 AM, and 12:00 PM.  We hoping that adding an extra Mass will help to accommodate more people while social-distancing restrictions remain in place.  Please remember to sign up for all Holy Week liturgies on our parish website.

       We are still prohibited from operating our Gift Card table after weekend Masses by Covid restrictions, so a form is included in this weekend’s bulletin if you would like to order some gift cards for birthdays, or Mother’s/Father’s Day, etc. while help our Building Fund at the same time—it’s a win/win situation!

       This weekend we hear Mark’s account of the passion of Jesus.  We do so in a world where people are struggling in many different ways: prejudice, political oppression, sexual exploitation, economic deprivation, grief, etc. During Holy Week, may we remember our suffering brothers and sisters in the hope that they may find the resurrection and new life experienced by Jesus at Easter.  I look forward to praying with you during our celebration of the Sacred Triduum this week.

Fr. Keith

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