22 April 2021


The Katharine Konnection

Palm Sunday Procession at St Hubert’s Ennery Haiti

Our sister parish, St. Hubert’s, celebrated Palm Sunday with a procession in the streets of Ennery.  Remembering that Jesus entered into Jerusalem triumphantly, the parishioners took to the streets with song and palms.  We are happy to share the joy of their celebration.

Their song translates as:

All  people of God sing praises to Him,

Let’s get closer to the altar,

The Ramo (palm leave) in our hand, we move forward together,

With beautiful hymns to say how happy we are.

All that exists must sing praises to Him,

Even people in heaven and on earth sing

 All that God created must sing

All the angels in heaven must sing,

Heaven and earth with all that is in them,

It is God created us to praise Him.


Our Haiti Partnership is featured this month in our Thursday Katharine Konnections.  See all of the good your donations are making!

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