Easter Sunday

Apr 4, 2021

Here are some excerpts of what I wrote here last Easter when the pandemic was just getting underway: “I’ll be honest with you—it’s Easter and it is just weird.  We can’t go to church, we can’t travel to visit with family…our normal rituals of celebration have all been upended… The death toll continues to rise, and so many have lost loved ones.  Our medical professionals are making unbelievable sacrifices…Many people have lost jobs, and business owners are wondering if they will be able to make it… Parents are struggling to work from home and do homeschooling at the same time. Over the last several weeks, I have found myself just crying at times—it all seems so overwhelming… and we don’t know what to do.”

       Re-reading those words reminded me that with time and experience comes perspective.  Much of what we were experiencing one year ago is still a present reality for us, but we have learned that we will make it through this, that there is still a sense of hope, and that God will “raise us up” to new life. That is where God will take us, if only we will “let go and let God.”  That’s the good news of the Easter gospel—and so, as a disciple, make sure you share it with someone who needs that message of hope right now in their lives.

Many thanks to our parishioners and staff members whose talented service has graced our parish in recent weeks, especially our liturgy planning team, Adult Faith Formation Committee, music ministry, ushers, RCIA team, and church decorators.  Everyone working together has enabled our faith community to grow spiritually during the Lenten season.

Congratulations to Wayne Rogers, the newest member of the Catholic faith community—and thanks to Sherry Snyder for coordinating our annual Easter Egg Hunt, as well as those who were responsible for planning and leading our Lenten Friday night prayer.             

       A joyous Easter to you and your loved ones!

Fr. Keith

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