06 June 2021


       The Katharine Konnection

Fr. Keith’s Korner


The Archdiocese of Baltimore has declared a “Year of the Eucharist” starting this week with the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.  Throughout this year, we will be reflecting on various ways that we encounter Christ in the Eucharist—this weekend, more specifically, in the Eucharistic species that we receive at Mass.  Over the past year, the pandemic has created for many a painful separation from the Body and Blood of Christ—the One who can truly heal us in mind, body, and spirit.  In our celebration this weekend, we are reminded that Christ wants nothing more than to be united with us through the regular reception of this sacrament of his love.

       It is especially appropriate that we have a number of children receiving their First Eucharist at all of the Masses this weekend.  More information about the “Year of the Eucharist” can be found elsewhere in the bulletin.  We are also grateful to the parishioners who offered their personal witness concerning the Eucharist at each of our weekend Masses this weekend.

       The month of May has revealed the importance of the celebration of the Eucharist in our parish.  As more people are vaccinated and feel comfortable returning to worship, our attendance at Mass has slowly risen from 498 on the first weekend of May to 738 on the last weekend of May.  While still below pre-pandemic attendance, there is such joy in experiencing our faith community coming to life as we worship together in person and greet fellow parishioners once again, many of whom we haven’t seen in over a year!

       Some of you may have seen the announcement in the Catholic Review of a new “extern” deacon being assigned to our parish.  We welcome Deacon Rob Snyder and his wife Karen as new parishioners.  The designation “extern” means that Rob was ordained as a deacon for the Diocese of Allentown PA—and he remains a deacon of that diocese but is permitted to exercise ministry here.  Welcome Rob and Karen!


Rev. Keith W. Boisvert


P.S.  Please take a moment to review other information concerning our parish and it’s gradual re-opening by clicking here for the weekly bulletin.  You can also check out our Kid’s Bulletin HERE.

Zoom Sessions this Week

Centering Prayer This practice of contemplative prayer helps us draw our attention from the ordinary flow of thoughts to an inner silence receptive to the presence of God.

Every Sunday at 4:30 PM

Scripture Study – Join us for a weekly scripture study through Zoom focusing on the readings for the upcoming weekend.  This type of scripture study gives us the chance to unpack and reflect upon the readings before we arrive at Mass, thus allowing us to benefit even more from our experience of hearing God’s Word.

Every Thursday at 7:00 PM

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