20 June 2021


       The Katharine Konnection

Fr. Keith’s Korner


        Michael Lewandowski is a parishioner at Saint John the Evangelist and trained as a deacon-intern here at our parish last year.  He was ordained by Archbishop Lori as a permanent deacon in May, and has been assigned to three linked parishes in the Hagerstown-Boonsboro area.  In celebration of his ordination, we say “Congratulations!” and welcome him to offer the homily at all the Masses this weekend.

       Gluten-free hosts are available at all Masses, but the procedure for requesting them has changed now that we are no longer signing up to attend Mass.  To receive a gluten-free host, please sign up on the bulletin board in the sacristy when you arrive for Mass, and the sacristan will make sure the appropriate number of hosts are provided for communion.  The priest will always have these hosts available in his ciborium.

       Most of our parish social activities came to a halt due to the pandemic restrictions of the past fifteen months, although we were able to offer a “Movie Night” last fall because it was outdoors… and it was a chilly evening!  Another Movie Night is scheduled for this coming Saturday night behind the school in the Mary Garden area, and more information is contained on a bulletin insert.  We are also looking for leaders for some of social activities for next year, and so please respond to the invitation in the bulletin if you can help our faith community in this way.

       We have over 70 passengers registered for a joint parish cruise (with Resurrection parish in Ellicott City) to Norway (and Iceland) scheduled for July 2022.  The cruise line is currently offering a new special, and so if you’d like to join us, please see the information that is available elsewhere in the bulletin.

       This weekend we have the opportunity to say “thank you” to all fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, and foster fathers—and so, for all of your love, and your support, and your care over the years, we say “Happy Father’s Day”!


Rev. Keith W. Boisvert


P.S.  Please take a moment to review other information concerning our parish and it’s gradual re-opening by clicking here for the weekly bulletin.  You can also check out our Kid’s Bulletin HERE.

Zoom Sessions this Week

Centering Prayer This practice of contemplative prayer helps us draw our attention from the ordinary flow of thoughts to an inner silence receptive to the presence of God.

Every Sunday at 4:30 PM

Scripture Study – Join us for a weekly scripture study through Zoom focusing on the readings for the upcoming weekend.  This type of scripture study gives us the chance to unpack and reflect upon the readings before we arrive at Mass, thus allowing us to benefit even more from our experience of hearing God’s Word.

Every Thursday at 7:00 PM

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