23 June 2021


The Katharine Konnection

Centering Prayer

Dear Parishioners,

For quite some time now parishioners have been gathering weekly on zoom for Centering Prayer and I want to re-extend the invitation to you to check it out. Centering prayer is a form of Christian prayer that leads to the quiet rest of contemplation.  It is designed to draw our attention from the ordinary flow of our thoughts to achieve an inner silence open to the presence of God.  The group meets on Sundays from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM via Zoom and is open to all.  The reminder and the zoom links can be found in each weekend’s Katharine Konnection.

Beginning July 11th the group will be integrating readings from Thomas Keating’s book, The Human Condition:  Contemplation and Transformation, into its practice.  Note:  we aren’t turning our prayer group into a book study!  We are still primarily gathering for prayer, and the reading is part of our formation as people practicing contemplative prayer in our lives.  We’ll all learn something new!  The book can be purchased through Paulist Press or on Amazon for only $8.95.

For more information about our Centering Prayer or for any questions contact Amy Kulesa at askulesa@gmail.com or 301-606-3216.

It has been said that “what the world needs are people of deep peace.”  Come and grow in peace!


Brian McCrohan


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