15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jul 11, 2021

This weekend we welcome Fr. Michael McDermott to preside at weekend (and weekday) Masses while I am away.  Fr. Mike has retired from parish ministry in Nebraska and moved here to live with his sister Ann (who is a parishioner and coordinates our 9:00 AM Mass ushers.)  He’s hardly “retired” because he will be serving as chaplain at Saint John’s Catholic Prep two days a week, and also visiting Catholic patients at Frederick Health Hospital twice a week, in addition to assisting with Masses in parishes in the area on weekends.

       Fr. Mike served at various parishes in Nebraska, in addition to getting a degree in Canon Law and working in the Tribunal Office.  He is also a licensed mental health practitioner (in Nebraska), and has served as a Global Fellow for Catholic Relief Services.  We welcome him to the Frederick area, and thank him for his willingness to minister in our faith community.

       The month of July starts a new fiscal year for our parish.  Each spring our Pastoral Council discerns parish goals for the new fiscal year, to guide its work and set its agenda– and so these goals for FY2021-22 are listed in the bulletin this week.  Contact Pastoral Council President Laura Weber (or any of the other Pastoral Council members) if you have questions or comments about the goals for this coming fiscal year.

       You will see in the bulletin a report from our Haiti Committee, including a “thank you” for those who have responded to a new tuition aid program.  The educational opportunities in Haiti provided by the government are very limited, and so privately-run schools fill the gap.  After inviting our parishioners to sponsor a student from our sister parish for high school tuition, we have already received $9,600! The pastor of Saint Hubert, Fr. Faubert, has told us the education of young people is one of the greatest needs of his parish, and so he is so extremely grateful for our financial support to assist the young people of St. Hubert parish.

Fr. Keith

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