7 July 2021


       The Katharine Konnection

My fellow parishioners,

Let’s Talk Tuition! (and how YOU are making a difference in young lives!)

Every month, usually on the first weekend of the month, the second collection at Saint Katharine Drexel is for “Catholic School Education.”  What does this mean and where does the money go?

This collection provides tuition assistance to Frederick County students who attend Catholic Schools in grades K- 12.


How does it work?  Through…

                             F C P T A F

Saint Katharine Drexel and seven other parishes in our area participate in the FCPTAF, the Frederick County Parish Tuition Assistance Fund. Parishioners from each participating parish contribute on a monthly basis, just as we do, to the FCPTAF.  Students whose families are registered and active at the participating parishes apply for tuition assistance from the FCPTAF, which makes awards based on economic need, in amounts ranging from $500 to $3,500 per year.

For the 2021-22 school year, assistance awards totaled


Since the inception of the FCPTAF, assistance of over


has been awarded.

So, the family next to you in the pew?  Their children could be among the hundreds of students who have benefitted from the Tuition Assistance collection. That kid that’s kicking the back of your pew?  In a couple of years, he may be a recipient of tuition assistance made possible by our parishioners.


Thank you to those parishioners who support this collection each month. During COVID, the collection has dropped off a bit, which will have a direct impact on how we can help local students in the future.

The monthly tuition assistance collection is coming up this weekend.

Please consider making or increasing your donation to the Tuition Assistance Fund on a recurring basis through Faith Direct here or by using your Tuition Assistance monthly envelope.


Haiti Tuition Aid Program – a progress report


A big thank you to everyone who have donated to the Tuition Aid effort organized by the Haiti Committee.  Through your generosity, $9,700 has been collected.  With the average tuition of $275 per semester, 35 students from our sister parish, St. Hubert in Haiti, will be able to attend school this Fall.

As a reminder, this is an ongoing need.  Please use the form here to indicate your support for students in Haiti for the spring semester and beyond.

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