7 October 2021

The Katharine Konnection


Hello SKD Family,

This will be a very special weekend as we welcome Bishop Bruce Lewandowski to celebrate the Confirmation of our teens. As is tradition in our parish, we will celebrate this sacrament within the liturgy at the 5:00 PM mass on Saturday evening. This is a slight departure from what many churches do, but traditionally sacraments are meant to be celebrated among the community. We hope to celebrate with many of you either in person or through our live stream.

It will be my honor to present these young people to all of you. While I was unsure how this year would go, I can attest to the perseverance and the faith that this particular group has shown. A few of these students started their journey to confirmation before there was a pandemic. Others began during the pandemic. Despite the difficulties of having to go to classes online, wearing masks, social distancing when in person they were faithful to their preparation knowing that the end result would be a life in the service of the kingdom of God. These teens went through a lot of loss this year. Not just the freedoms that they had prior to the pandemic, but the loss of life of friends and family. Despite all this, they are choosing to be part of our community and go out and do God’s work. They fully understand, more than many of us did at their age, that it is the gifts of the spirit that will allow them to take His message into the world.

As we approach Saturday, I ask that all of you join me in praying for these young people.  We have a couple discerning religious life. Many are healing from a rough year. All of them are ready to take on the responsibilities that come with receiving the final sacrament of initiation. In the end, it is the church that will carry us out of these troubling times of political divisiveness, a lack of respect for life in all its forms, and back to a church that serves humbly and with love. I am filled with hope for our church and our future because of these teens.

Thank you, to all who continually keep our youth in their prayers and a special thanks to Deacon Jeff Sutterman, Beth Sutterman, Samantha Sutterman, Dan Kmieck, Leo Zanchettin, Michael Smith, Alyce Luck, Stuart Henderson and Mindi Smith for their service as catechists and mentors of our confirmation students. It is truly a team effort. Please hold us all in prayer as we do our best to support our youth in their faith. If you would like to pray for our teens by name, please see below for those receiving the sacrament form our community.

Alexander Francis “Sebastian” Piraino

Amandine “Inigo” Kasende

Anthony James “Francis” Kinnamont

Caleb Michael “John” Staiger

Camden Joseph “Philip” Hood

Colby Trax “John” Bennett

Collin William Dowling

Dania Wagner

Daniel Anton Griffin

Daniel Nelson “Bonaventure” Proulx

Elizabeth Grace Goodwin

Ernest Jaidzeka “Jude” Binfon Jr.

Ethan Randolph “Sebastian” Madraymootoo

Ethan Gabriel “Michael” Rebeiro

Francis Joseph “Francis” Bronzi

Gabrielle Ann “Mary” DeMarco

Isaac Benjamin “Philip” Dudash

Jenna Marie “Cecilia” Brower

Jordan Rose Marie “Catherine” Dowling

Kirsten Alexandra “Madeleine” Cooney

Mia Elizabeth Carder

Patrick Edward “Francis” Henderson

Reagan Lea “Elizabeth” Frazier

Rose Evelyn “Vitus” Spangler

Samuel Patrick “Joseph” Bentz

Sarah “Patrick” Roebuck

Ty Alexander Grieser

Timothy Patrick “Gregory” Sutterman

God bless,

Ana Maria Alvarado



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