28 November 2021


       The Katharine Konnection

Fr. Keith’s Korner


Pope Francis wants to hear from you!

Pope Francis wants to hear from everyone through this Synodal Process.  Please prayerfully respond through our website.  RESPOND HERE NOW! You may also feel free to forward this opportunity to family members or friends who may have fallen away from active life in the church.

Fr. Keith’s Korner

      Pandemic fatigue continues to be a reality especially with the holidays approaching.  The constant political bickering in our country is annoying. Surveys reveal that young people are hesitant to bring children into the world because of climate change. And relations between nations around the world so often seem to be deteriorating.  Many people are experiencing that life is just a mess as we enter the Season of Advent.  But as a “faith” community, we are motivated by a spirit of hope, and “Still We Sing Alleluia!”  

       A life of prayer is essential to maintaining an inner sense of hope, and you are encouraged to use the Advent booklets that are provided for use at home.  Joining in the rosary before Mass during Advent may also open up some meditative space in your life during what is usually a very hectic season. And a prayer service for lighting the Advent Wreath at home is included on a bulletin insert this week to assist your family in remembering the true “reason for the season.”  

       On the Saturdays of December (starting last weekend) we are welcoming many of our younger members to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.  We thank their parents who have helped prepare them for this sacrament, and we pray that these children may learn (especially through our example) to share the forgiveness they receive from God generously with others in the events of daily life.

       Each year we are able to designate special recipients for funds generated by the Annual Appeal, and one of those designations is the religious order founded by Saint Katharine Drexel, the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament.  A thank you note from the sisters is included in the bulletin this weekend expressing their gratitude for our parish support of their mission.

       Thanks to all those who voted in our Pastoral Council elections over the last two weeks.  Thanks also to all those who ran, and congratulations to the winners whose photos are included on a bulletin insert.


Rev. Keith W. Boisvert


P.S.  Please take a moment to review other information concerning our parish by clicking here for the weekly bulletin.



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