1 December 2021


The Katharine Konnection

Help Wanted for Children’s Ministries

Hello SKD family,

Happy Advent to all! I have to say that this whole year has felt like a bit of an advent. Vaccines being made available, slowly, but shortly and the anticipation of maybe, hopefully, being able to get back to some normalcy has given us some hope for our future. While our journey to end the pandemic is not over, we have come a long way.

In this moment of anticipation, we have begun to rebuild some of the ministries that were affected by COVID and our Sunday morning children’s ministries is no exception. While our “Children’s Liturgy of the Word” has been able to resume at both the 9AM and 11AM Masses no other children’s ministry has been able to get quite that far. Both our Kate’s Kids (preschool) and Nursery (infants and toddlers) need more volunteers. Additionally, they are both looking to fill a two stipend positions (one for Kate’s Kids and one for Nursery) to be present at both Masses (children do better with consistency). Those positions are paid by the Mass. Right now, these two ministries can be mostly covered at the 9AM Mass (although both have had to be cancelled a couple of times because of lack of volunteers).

The nursery needs one additional volunteer to continue to keep the 9 AM running on a weekly basis with no interruptions and 8 new volunteers to open the 11AM. Or we could hire someone new to be present at both Masses and then we would need just 5 additional volunteers total to open the 11 AM. Kates Kids needs 5 additional volunteers to keep the 9AM open each week without disruption and 8 additional to that to open the 11 AM Mass. Another option is one person hired to be at both Masses and 1 more volunteer for the 9 AM and 2 new for the 11 AM.

Additionally, both Theresa and I need a ministry leader for each of these ministries. Prior to the pandemic these positions were both filled but we no longer have this help. This is a volunteer position that helps ensure that there is a volunteer for each of the times needed. It is best if this volunteer is also volunteering in the ministry, but not essential.

If you are interested in volunteering for the nursery, please let me know. If you would like to volunteer for Kates Kids please contact Theresa Anderson at Theresa.Anderson@saintdrexel.org.Volunteers working with children or youth must complete the Virtus training, go through a background check and submit 3 hard copy references. This must be done every 5 years. If you have never completed this, you can go here to start the background check and do the training (it takes about 1-2 hours to complete). You can go here to print the references form and then turn them in to the parish office. If you are interested in being hired for the positions, please let Theresa or I know. We are happy to start interviewing immediately and will hire when we find the right person. Both positions are for working Sundays from 8:45 AM to 12:15PM.

Finally, we could use a few youth volunteers ages 11 and over as well. Youth who have turned 14 must complete “Worthy of the Call” to volunteer with children. This is an in-person class. Teens wishing to attend Worthy of the Call can sign up for a session here. The next one is December 12th.

Thank you to all our volunteers who have allowed us to open our doors and especially to those allowing parents to have some time to worship and spend time in prayer focused on just the Mass. We hope to be able to offer this to more parents soon. May you all continue to have a fruitful advent and, in the end, a Merry Christmas.

God bless


Ana Maria Alvarado



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