9 February 2022

The Katharine Konnection

World Marriage Day 2022

 In the Sacrament of Marriage, spouses pledge to love one another in the way that God loves each one of us—faithfully, unconditionally, eternally, and in a graciously forgiving way.  Through living their marriage commitment, these parish couples make God’s presence more real in our midst and cause our world to be more loving.  We congratulate them on their special wedding anniversaries in 2022 and ask God’s blessing upon them!

Sixty Years

Emuella and Gerald Flood

Barbara and Philip Young

Fifty-Five Years

David and Laurel Swencki

Fifty Years

Michael and Debra Campbell

John and Bernadette Helms

Don and Carole Henderson

Barbara and Ed Miller

Gregory and Deborah Wasserbach

Forty-Five Years

Larry and Kathy Jones

Bob and Pat Mayernik

Michael and Paula Nunez

Michele and Charles Samuel

Jim and Laura Ulmer

Forty Years

Anne and Bernie Sanagursky

Thirty-Five Years

Carole and Stephen Heine

Thirty Years

Kathy and Bob Harper

Kathy and Dave Shores

Christopher and Laura Weber

Fifteen Years

Eljy and Amanda Williams


Five Years

Brennan and Kathleen Gmeiner


Happy Anniversary to everyone celebrating their marriages this year!



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