Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Feb 20, 2022

        Our parish has always been blessed with faithful volunteers who share their talents in so many different ways with our faith community.  As an example of this generosity, we offer our deepest appreciation to Sue Ganley who is retiring from our Finance Committee after fifteen years of service!  Sue has chaired the committee for the last several years, and has been a member throughout the many years we worshipped in the school gymnasium and prepared to build our new church building.  To keep you informed, the Finance Committee has its quarterly report in the bulletin this weekend. Thanks, Sue, for your service!

       Please be aware that Hearing Assistance Devices are available at the Welcome Center in the narthex before Mass.  We have two types of devices: one, for those who have hearing aids with T-switches, is worn around the neck; another, for those without T-switches, are headphones that will amplify the volume going through the sound system. If you have any other questions, contact our Music Director Daniel Owens.

       If your parish group or committee would like to use space in any of the buildings during the next fiscal year (starting in July), please submit your requests by

1 April to Rachel Murtha in the Parish Office, as we will soon start working on our calendar for next year (in collaboration with Saint John Regional School.)  A Facility Request Form can be found on our website under Calendars and Events or in the Parish Office.

       There are a lot of new faces at Mass these days, and I wanted to let you know that we have a monthly session for prospective members during which our registration material is distributed. Our next session will be on Sunday 13 March at 12:15 PM.  Stop by the Welcome Center after Mass for more information.

       Please remember that our Social Justice Ministry is collecting needed items for the Emergency Shelter here in Frederick throughout the month of February at the Gift Card table. The list of items is on our website.

Fr. Keith

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